October Prayer Focus: Willard

October 1, 2014 | Posted In Care Centers

October Prayer Focus: Willard

Willard is a joyful 7-month-old baby boy at our Special Care Center in China. When he was born, he needed immediate medical care for his gastrointestinal malformation. He was admitted to our Zhengzhou Care Center in early 2014 after receiving surgery by a skilled local surgeon. Since being cared for at our unit, he has undergone one additional surgery and is preparing for another.

When you first meet Willard, you just want to snuggle him close — which is a good thing for Willard because snuggling is one of his favorite things to do! Once he is in your arms, he loves to settle in and soak up all of your attention. He welcomes old friends and new visitors alike with his toothless smile! We are so blessed to watch sweet Willard reach his childhood milestones. His most recent accomplishment has been learning how to roll over!

Will you pray for Willard? Our medical staff is hopeful that he will be ready for his next surgery very soon. Pray for a successful surgery and a quick recovery! Also, please pray that God would prepare a forever family for this snuggly baby boy!

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Additional Prayers:

+Lord, we pray that you will provide deep healing and hope to all adoptive and foster families. Bring encouragement to their lives through post-adoption training and resources. We trust that you are the God of restoration and we know that you never get tired of restoring us.

+Father to the fatherless, raise up greater numbers of Show Hope sponsors so that more waiting children can know the love and protection of a family through adoption.

+Father, anoint all who are planning to attend the Show Hope Fundraising Banquet on November 8th. Use this night to lead more people to care for orphans.

+Lord, cover the children at our Care Centers in your love and mercy. Fill their hearts with hope and lead them to their forever families!

+Anoint those involved in orphan care. We pray for everyone who is beginning to apply for Show Hope’s 2015 trips. Grant them wisdom in your calling.

Download and print this month’s prayer focus page! >>>

October Prayer Focus: Willard


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