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6 Ideas for a Forever Family Fun Night!

6 Ideas for a Family Fun Night

A brand new school year is in full swing! As our schedules begin to fill up, it can be challenging to find ways to spend quality time together as a family. Hosting a advocacy eventsis a perfect way to spend quality time as a family and serve the Lord together! If organizing an event sounds too daunting, don’t worry! The advocacy events makes planning simple! Plus, we’ve brainstormed 6 different activities for you to consider as you plan your own family night. Do you have any other suggestions? Comment below and let us know!

Family Photo Booth

Create your own photo booth station for families to take silly pictures! Head to the dollar store to find silly hats, wigs, goofy glasses, feather boas, necklaces, felt, paper, and sticks to make your own mustaches and lips. Create a colorful backdrop to add to the fun!

Wii/Xbox Tournament

Charge an entrance fee or just play for fun. Bring all of your favorite games that the whole family will enjoy such as: Mario Party, Mario Kart, Rock Band, Wii Sports Tennis, Bowling, or Golf. Whatever game your family loves to play, bring it to your Forever Family Fun Night!

Treasure Hunt

Create a map through your house or wherever you’re hosting your fun night that leads to a treasure chest full of prizes or candy!

Talent Show

Encourage everyone to get up and perform some sort of talent. You can have singers, comedians, dancers, magicians, and more!

Ice Cream Sundaes

Create an ice cream sundae bar by providing ice cream and all sorts of toppings where people can create their very own ice cream sundae!

Movie Night

Pick out a family-friendly movie and create your own movie theatre. Serve popcorn and treats. You could even create your own movie tickets! Have lots of pillows and blankets so families can cuddle up and watch the movie together.

Every child deserves the love of a forever family. YOU can help restore the hope of a family to orphans by hosting your very own advocacy events!

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