A Word from the Morgan Family

August 13, 2014 | Posted In Adoption Aid

In honor of Adoption Aid month, we are highlighting the Morgan Family who brought their son, Gunner, home from China with the help of a Show Hope grant. Below, they share about their adoption journey and how Adoption Aid grants play a crucial role in bringing waiting children home to families!

The Morgan Family

It’s very important to support waiting children and the families who are seeking to bring them into the love of  a forever home.  Adoption is expensive. There’s no way around it. And if the only people who adopted were those who had it on their hearts AND had $30,000 in the bank to move forward with an adoption, most kids would have little hope of coming into a family.

The vast majority of the adoptive families I know  sacrifice many things in their lives in order to adopt. They save every penny, fundraise through t-shirt sales or yard sales, take out loans, apply for grants, or borrow against any retirement savings they have been able to tuck away. Grants take a huge burden off the shoulders of adoptive parents. When a child comes home through adoption, a family very often incurs medical bills or therapy expenses due to developmental delays or the special needs of the child. But the biggest need for a waiting child is a family who will unconditionally love them, protect them, and fight for them. Everyone is NOT meant to adopt but we are all made to answer Christ’s call “to look after orphans and widows in their distress”. That calling looks different for each of us. Our family was called to adopt. But others can foster, offer respite care, pray, go on a short-term trip, offer medical services here or abroad, make meals for families who have adopted, or help financially.

Some people may think simply giving financially to help a waiting child come home is just an easy way to fulfill their responsibility in this need. It’s more than that- MUCH MORE. It’s glorifying God in a major way. It’s breaking your heart for what breaks his. It helps a child get home to his/her family.  Many families I know can afford the cost of raising another child but cannot possibly cover the cost to adopt on their own, and that’s the only thing stopping them. We are invited into a divine privilege of becoming the hands and feet of Jesus and to be a part of this work to care for orphans with whatever gifts he has blessed us with. Waiting children deserve the love, nurture and protection of a family. Will you be a part of making that happen? Donate to Show Hope’s Adoption Aid fund and help bring waiting children home to their family!


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