The Bishop Family: Two-Time Show Hope Advocates!

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Bishop Family: Show Hope Advocates                Bishop Family: Show Hope Advocates

The Bishop family has been twice blessed by the miracle of adoption and it has changed their hearts and lives forever. Through their own experience with adoption, God has opened their eyes to the needs of orphans around the world. In response, the Bishops decided to become Show Hope advocates in order to share with others God’s heart for the fatherless. Claire and Owen Bishop, along with their parents, are living out James 1:27 as a family.

Bishop Family: Show Hope Advocates

In June of 2013, Claire and Owen expressed interest in raising money for Show Hope. Their neighborhood was having a community garage sale, and they saw this as a great opportunity for an advocacy project! Their parents donated the needed supplies and agreed to match whatever they earned, dollar for dollar! The kids decided to provide ice cold beverages and snacks for shoppers who came to the community sale.

On the day of the event, temperatures reached over 90 degrees! People coming to the sale couldn’t resist free ice cold water. Claire and Owen had the opportunity to tell anyone who walked over all about Show Hope! As they handed out free water, Claire and Owen passed out informational cards about Show Hope. As soon as people found out they were raising funds to help orphans in distress, many people began donating money! Claire and Owen raised $102.95, which their parents gladly matched. Together, the Bishop family raised over $200 for Show Hope!

After this event, the Bishop children wanted to continue advocating for Show Hope. So this year, they decided to set up shop at their neighbor’s garage sale to sell snacks and hand-made bracelets. In the beginning of June, Claire and Owen started preparing for the garage sale by making signs and posters advertising their fundraising project!

On the day of the sale, Claire and Owen raised over $85. Their parents again matched their earnings, raising their total to $170. In addition, Show Hope is in the midst of a matching gift campaign for the opening of their 5th Care Center in Nanyang, China, so Claire and Owen’s earnings were matched again. From their sale, they raised $340 for Show Hope!

Through both of their advocacy projects, the Bishop family has raised over $500 for Show Hope, all while sharing God’s love and heart for orphans with their neighbors and friends. You too can show hope together as a family, just like the Bishops! Read 6 Ways the Whole Family Can Show Hope Together for fun ways your whole family can get involved in the movement to care for orphans!

Donate by June 30th to help fund our 5th Care Center and the impact of your gift will be doubled, thanks to a generous matching gift! Sign-up to become advocates or send a donation to our Care Center today!

Bishop Family: Show Hope Advocates


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