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Care Centers Spotlight: Sophie

Care Centers Spotlight: Sophie

Have you ever met someone and just known that you will never meet anyone else quite like them again? Little Sophie from our Care Center in China has that effect on most everyone she meets. When you first see her, you see your average, if exceptionally cute, two-year-old. Then, you spend five minutes with her and it becomes quite apparent that your heart has found a new home tucked safely into her little pocket.

She, like many of the children here, started out her life as a miracle and has managed to turn every day into one miracle after another. Her life has never been easy. Some of the things that are assumed and come easily to most people are a little different and a little more complicated for her, but against all odds she manages. Not only does she manage, but it has made her into an exceptionally bright child. There is no challenge that can stop her! If she wants to do something, she can figure out a way to make it work, usually an unconventional one 🙂

Care Centers Spotlight: Sophie

Little Sophie was born with a complicated gastrointestinal malformation. Still, it doesn’t seem to faze her. She has never known any other way, so she takes it all in her tiny, enthusiastic strides. She is a typical two-year-old in many ways. She loves to run around, get into things she shouldn’t, toys that make noises, getting a lot of attention, using cute smiles to get treats, cuddles, and dancing to Veggie Tales songs.

Sophie is always very aware of what is going on. She can explain to you how each one of her procedures is done! Even if you only understand about half of what she is saying, her hand motions are very good at clearing up the rest. She loves to make people smile and will always try her hardest to figure out what makes you laugh. She will be the first to share her toys and let you know when one of the little ones is crying.

Care Centers Spotlight: Sophie

Sweet Sophie loves to help out. She knows how to help her nannies clean up, throw away the trash, or bring them whatever they ask her to fetch. She learns quickly and picks up everything she hears. While in Hong Kong for surgery, she was a little celebrity at the hospital with all of the nurses being sure to stop and visit or give her toys and treats. While there, Sophie also made a practice of visiting each of the other hospital beds to make friends with the families there, walking right up to them and flashing her trademark smile! Being the wise girl she is, these visits were most often timed to when snacks or candy were being distributed 🙂 No matter what happens, she always seems to be happy, loving and trusting. Even when she is sick, she can find reasons to smile and make you laugh. Sophie is a very special girl who is a blessing to every life she touches, no matter how briefly.

Care Centers Spotlight: Sophie

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