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GUEST BLOG: “God is Our Present-Tense Promise!”

We have a special guest on the blog today! One of Show Hope’s awesome Red Bus Project interns, Morgan Presley, shares her thoughts about God’s “present-tense promise” and how she learned all about his heart for orphans!

Insights from a Red Bus Project Intern

Three months ago, I moved from my home in South Carolina to Franklin, TN to accept a position as part of the Red Bus Project Spring 2014 team. This was something I had been trying to work out for a year as I completed my last year of college. During that time, it became very clear that there was absolutely no way that I could work this plan out; it was impossible for me to save enough money, find the right place to stay, and find a way to cover everything I needed in order to see this through!

When I got the call telling me that I had been given the position as an intern and that I had a place to live during this season, the struggles changed form. Suddenly, this wonderful possibility was terrifying; accepting this gift that Jesus had presented to me required that I be willing to live in the understanding that he would do exactly what he had promised and take care of me!

Morgan on tour with the Red Bus Project!

Right before I packed everything into my jeep to make the big move, the terror of trust became overwhelming. I started to second-guess. I started to ask again, making sure that I’d heard his direction correctly (even though I was sure that this is what I was supposed to do). During that transition, as I was deciding to trust Jesus – not just with offering me a gift, but with preparing me to receive it – this is what I wrote:

When God sends us, or calls us, or makes part of our roles in his story clear to us, he doesn’t overlook ANY of the details. He covers it all. I AM means: Provision, Wisdom, Endurance, Courage, Source…He IS. It’s a present-tense promise. And all that he IS, is available to us. To you. What a magnificent love.

And now, as I’ve had some time to practice living out of that truth and depending on it (and on the One who promised it) to be the very foundation for my “what’s next,” I’m starting to realize how marvelously kind it was for our Creator (the One whose word set the earth in motion) to give his name to us as a verb. He identified himself to us through the one part of speech that is always moving. In revealing his name to us, he gave us a permanent picture of the way he is always in motion; he is always working for us. God prepares the future steps in our journeys and sets everything up before we even know we need to ask. One of my favorite reminders of his faithfulness and his interest in us is in 2 Chronicles 7:15-16:

The Lord said “my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to every prayer made in this place. For I have chosen this Temple and set it apart to be holy – a place where my name is honored forever. I will always watch over it, for it is dear to my heart.”

This beautiful truth has been revealed to me in a whole new light after interning at Show Hope and seeing firsthand how God is working on behalf of waiting children around the world. It is clear that these precious children are so dear to his heart; he will not leave them as orphans (John 14:18). If you are currently in the adoption process or are praying for God to intervene on behalf of a waiting child, allow this holy truth to bring peace to your heart. He – his essence, his strength, his faithfulness – is our present-tense promise. We need not be afraid! If our Heavenly Father takes exquisite care of the birds and the flowers (Matthew 6), then he certainly won’t forget even the smallest one of us while we faithfully journey to the place he has called us. Whatever he has asked you to do, he can be trusted!

Red Bus Project College Tour 2014

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