The Chew Family: “His ways are higher than our ways!”

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The Chews, a Show Hope grant recipient family, experienced firsthand the beautiful truth found in Isaiah 55:9, “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.” Read their testimony below as they describe their life-changing journey to bring their daughter home!

Chew Family

Chew FamilyMy husband and I put adoption on the back-burner during our first years of marriage. The whole process seemed confusing and costly. After some time, however, our minds began turning to adoption more and more frequently and we started researching our options. This is when the disappointment and discouragement really set in as the avenues open to us far exceeded our resources.

Believing that God had directed our circumstances and was leading us to adopt, we soon found an adoption agency to work with. The process proved to be challenging on many levels. I found my faith faltering when the going got tough. Over time, God began to open my eyes to the truth that adoption is a privilege and a blessing and we soon started finding different ways to ask for help. We held a fundraiser at our home and applied for adoption aid grants. The response that we received was overwhelming! We have been humbled, as we have received so much through the great generosity of friends, family, and total strangers. God met our needs through the gifts of his people!

Chew Family

The 14 months we waited for our referral after we completed our home study felt like forever. It was hard to be patient! At last, we were matched with a birth mother for an open adoption. Our baby girl was born in New Orleans and we immediately flew to Louisiana. By the time she was four days old, we had become her adoptive parents! One by one, our doubts and fears melted into joy as we have learned to parent this precious new life. What a gift she is to us! Looking back now, I wouldn’t change a thing. This experience has been a lesson for me in trusting God in the midst of discouragement and pain. His ways are higher than our ways.

We are moved beyond what words can express at the thought of the hundreds of people, so many of whom we don’t even know, who have given and prayed on our behalf so that we could bring Audrey into our family. The grant we received from Show Hope was a huge source of encouragement to us as it covered a significant portion of our adoption fees. We would like to thank everyone who is a part of Show Hope, those who give financially as well as those who give of their time in prayer. Your commitment to support adoptive families has made a great impact on our lives!

Chew FamilyOur daughter, Audrey, is now two years old. Everything people say about the years going by so quickly is true and it’s hard to believe how much she has grown up! She has left babyhood behind and has grown into a beautiful little girl. We are now just a little over one year into waiting for our second adoption referral. We are encouraged again to trust God’s provision and timing in this season of waiting.

We cannot describe the incredible joy and gratitude we have felt at receiving word that we are the recipients of a second grant from Show Hope! What an amazing blessing to our family, to have our brothers and sisters lift the financial burden of adoption from our shoulders. It is an incredible relief, to rest in knowing that when the adoption fees are due, the money will be there. We are so encouraged to see God provide for us again through his people. Thank you, Show Hope sponsors and donors, for making such an impact on the homecoming of our second child. We look forward to sharing that beautiful day with each of you! — Ed and Kris Chew

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