Why Didn’t I Get a Grant from Show Hope?

March 12, 2014 | Posted In Featured

Hard Questions: In this new blog series, Show Hope staff members do their best to help shed light on some of the hardest questions we are asked here at Show Hope. We will strive to foster a healthy dialogue, but we acknowledge that we do not have all the answers! If you have a hard question you’d like us to tackle, please let us know in the comments below.

Hard Question #1

For our first installment of this series, we will address one of the toughest questions we receive: “Why didn’t I get a grant from Show Hope?” Nick Lyndon, Director of Communications and Advancement, answers below:

Nick Lyndon

This is easily one of the hardest questions we get here at Show Hope. Sincerely, our hearts go out to the many amazing, wonderful grant applicants who did not get a grant from us. We hear so many heartbreaking forms of this question: “Am I somehow not good enough?” What was wrong with me?” “How could my need not be as great as those who received grants?” “This person received a grant and I didn’t; why did I not deserve a grant? Why did they?”

Each case is different, and trying to answer this question for everyone at once is an impossible task. What I can do is encourage each person by sharing these 3 things:

1) Although our goal is to award grants to 100% of qualified applicants, Show Hope has had enough funding to provide grants on average to approximately 40-50% of all qualified applicants.  Because of this, the reason each qualified grant applicant did not receive a grant from us very simply hinged on the lack of funding. We pray that one day we will have the financial means to help meet the need of each family.

Because we have limited funds, we have to make hard decisions each grant period, and our grant committee pours their hearts and prayers into these decisions. We look at dozens of data points, using a systematic approach to compare applicants against a decade of historical data, and finally go through a system of checks and balances within our system to ensure we are honoring our applicants, our donors, our staff, our grant committee, and ultimately God as we decide how to allocate funds.

We look at everything from financial need, to preparedness, to medical needs, to references, and we pour through all of that data and more before coming to a decision. It is never easy to understand from the outside why one person received a grant and another did not, but at the end of the day we have to trust God and the systems we’ve prayerfully put into place to help us wisely and discerningly allocate funds, knowing that ultimately it is God’s work, and he will provide for each family in his way.

2)  The hardest thing we hear from those who don’t receive grants is the belief that somehow it is a reflection on them, our support of them, our belief in what they are doing, or a questioning of their call to adopt. This cannot be further from the truth. We do not disqualify someone simply because we think they are not good enough, poor enough, spiritual enough, or prepared enough. There are many factors that go into each decision, and the simple truth is that we have say “no” to some people. We hate this, but ultimately, decisions have to be made based on available funding.

We work very, very hard to ensure that each application receives the best, most fair, most prayerful chance it can at receiving funding. By comparing to historical data, adjusting for fluctuations in applicant pool size, and reviewing so many data points (I’m sure it is not fun to have to submit so much information for our applications while going through the adoption paper chase!), we do our best to ensure each application gets a fair shot. We are not rejecting a family, a child, or an adoption when we have to inform an applicant that they are not receiving a grant. We wish we could join each and every qualified grant applicant on your journey by providing funding. Show Hope desperately wants to help each and every child represented by an application by restoring the hope of a family to that child, and we long for the day where funding can keep pace with the need.

3)  We are most comforted by the fact that God does not need Show Hope to provide for an adoption. We are blessed to be one of the ways he does provide, but we know his provision is limitless. We are so encouraged to hear story after story of families who did not receive a grant but who saw God show up in countless other ways to provide what they needed! We celebrate with them and rejoice to see those children coming home to be with their new mothers and fathers.

Please be encouraged if you are one of those families who did not receive a grant from Show Hope. We wish we could join you, but we know that God does have a plan for you and for the child you are pursuing… a plan to prosper you and not to harm you… a plan to give you each a hope and a future. He who has no limits will be faithful to provide everything you need. In that truth we must rest.

Although this is just the beginning of the conversation, I hope I was able to provide some light on the subject. If you have further questions, one of our team will do our best to answer in the comments below. We do regularly pray for the many children and families we are not able to help, so know I am being sincere when I say that we are praying for you. May God protect you, provide for you, and give you peace.

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