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3 Ways to Mobilize the Next Generation to Care for Orphans

3 Ways to Mobilize Students to Care for Orphans

Here at Show Hope, we believe that today’s youth is the future of orphan care. Whether it’s engaging a college student through the Red Bus Project or connecting with a high school student at a Movement Club event, Show Hope strives to prepare and equip future generations to care for orphans. Continue reading as we provide 3 ways to mobilize a generation of new leaders:

1. Donate to Student Initiatives: Through your generous support, Show Hope’s Red Bus Project is delivering this call to action to our nation’s 19.7 million college students. Our double-decker-bus-turned-mobile-thrift-store travels to college campuses and has already introduced the plight of the orphan to over 177,000 students. The Movement is a group of student-led, orphan care service clubs in high schools all across America. These clubs provide a tangible opportunity for high school students to make a difference in the lives of waiting children! By donating to Show Hope’s Student Initiatives, you are helping to mobilize the next generation of orphan care leaders.

2. Sign-Up to Start a Movement Club: The Movement, our high school initiative, acts as an easy “on-ramp” for young students to fulfill the Biblical mandate to care for orphans, as specified in James 1:27. Each semester, these clubs organize a service project to benefit orphans either globally or locally. As stated by a student member of the Movement Club,

“After a year since my club was established, I can already see a difference in my friends’ understandings of the orphan crisis and I see small ways in which we are changing the world: one family, orphan, and story at a time.”

Do you know a school or a student who would be interested in starting a Movement Club? Sign-up to learn more!

3. Spread the Word: The Red Bus Project is going on a tour of college campuses this spring. Spread the word to the students in your life and encourage them to join us in restoring the HOPE of a family to orphans in distress! 

Whichever way you decide to help the Student Initiatives of Show Hope, know that you are mobilizing future generations to care for the fatherless!

3 Ways to Mobilize Students to Care for Orphans

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