What Does a Show Hope Advocate Look Like?

February 12, 2014 | Posted In Advocates

Show Hope Advocates are an integral part of our mission to restore hope to orphans in distress. These passionate individuals are using their God-given talents and gifts to care for the fatherless. The beauty of our Advocates Program is that it focuses on the uniqueness of each individual. We all have our own interests, hobbies, talents, and resources. Everyone is different; everyone has their own story! Will you join us in sharing your unique journey with orphans around the world? Read below as we outline some of our previous advocate projects and how they have shown HOPE to waiting children!

1. Elementary School ProjectOne of our youngest advocates engaged her fellow 4th grade classmates at Marek Elementary School to raise money for Show Hope! The young students rallied together and raised $3,800 for orphans in distress! What an inspiring story of compassion and advocacy. If only we all had faith like a child…

Faith Like a Child

2. Donate a BirthdayWe’ve had many advocates over the years donate their birthday to Show Hope! This is a fun and relatively easy way to raise funds. These advocates have simply requested donations instead of birthday presents! It’s been such a privilege to see the creativity and passion that is poured into these birthday projects! From young children to adults, donating your birthday is a fun way to engage your loved ones in the movement to care for orphans.

6-Year-Old Kensey Collects Onesies for Orphans!

3. Athletic EventsMuch like our birthday projects, we have had several advocates use their passion for running to bring HOPE to orphans! Do you enjoy running or participating in a sport? Consider using those talents to advocate for Show Hope! It’s a great opportunity to raise awareness in your community about the plight of orphans while engaging in your favorite activity!

A Marathon for HOPE!

4. Garage SaleOne of our incredible advocates, Regina Hayes, organized a garage sale last spring to raise funds and awareness for Show Hope! She thought she had nothing to give, but was quickly reminded of all the “stuff” she had accumulated that could be used for something greater! Garage sales, yard sales, and auctions are all wonderful fundraising ideas.

A Garage Sale for HOPE

Do you feel called to care for orphans in distress? If so, prayerfully consider joining our advocate program and walking with Show Hope as we restore the hope of a family to waiting children. To learn more about becoming a Show Hope advocate, click here: advocacy events

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