6-Year-Old Collects Onesies for Orphans!

February 6, 2014 | Posted In Advocates

Read below as the mother of 6-year-old Kensey describes her daughter’s big dreams of helping children in need and how she DOUBLED her goal!

6-Year-Old Kensey Collects Onesies for Orphans!

When we first heard about the work of Show Hope on a local radio station, we knew we wanted to do something to help.  We had adopted our daughter from China several years before, and were excited to learn about Show Hope’s Care Centers and Adoption Aid grants. We know many families who desire to adopt but are hindered due to financial obstacles.  We also know how critical it is to have early specialized care for children like our daughter, Kensey, who came home with special needs.  We believe that Show Hope is doing incredible work in both of these areas!

Every year we honor Kensey’s  “coming home” day and birthday by doing something for Show Hope. From monetary donations, to collecting items needed for Maria’s Big House of Hope, we have done something different every year. This year, Kensey, who is now 6 years old, challenged us to go bigger!  She asked to involve more people and collect more items.  After consulting Show Hope’s list of needed supplies, Kensey chose to collect onesies for the children under care at Show Hope’s Care Centers in China.  She led the effort to collect these items by speaking at several local churches as well as a local radio show!

Although Kensey initially set her goal at 200 onesies, we are happy to report that her efforts far exceeded this! At the end of her project, Kensey had collected more than 400 onesies with an additional donation of $2,235 for the work of Show Hope! Her challenge and hope to “go bigger” this year was just that and we look forward to all that will be accomplished in the lives of waiting children as a result!

Are you interested in raising funds or awareness for Show Hope? Not everyone is called to adopt, but we can all do something! Click here to learn more!

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