February Prayer Focus: Joyelle

February 1, 2014 | Posted In Care Centers

February Prayer Focus: Joyelle

Welcome to Maria’s Big House of Hope, Joyelle!

Joyelle was admitted to MBHOH just before Christmas. She is now a precious 8-month-old with a perfectly fitting name as her sweet presence and joyful spirit light up the lives of those around her!

Joyelle has limited vision due to the presence of cataracts in both her eyes. She is a candidate for eye surgery and we have great hope that a surgery in the future will restore her eyesight! Because she also has a small hole in her heart, the medical staff at MBHOH is closely watching her progress as they research and develop the best plan to meet her medical needs. It is our hope and prayer that her small heart issue will correct itself without surgery and heal completely over the next few months.

Joyelle is a sweet and snuggly little girl who loves to explore the world with her hands. She is eager to hold toys and has an affinity for chewing on fingers! Her nanny loves to hold her and tickle her and it always makes Joyelle laugh! She is well loved by her nanny and all the other children in her room. She is a very special little girl.

Please join us in praying for Joyelle. Pray for wisdom and guidance for the medical staff as they develop her care plan.  Please also pray that Joyelle’s heart will heal as the medical staff anticipates and that she would soon have the opportunity to share her JOY with a forever family of her own!

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Additional Prayers:

+Lord, we pray that you would grant safety in travel during Steven Curtis Chapman’s “The Glorious Unfolding” Spring Tour. Use this tool to mobilize your children on behalf of the fatherless through the work of Show Hope.

+Father of all mercy, shine a light of encouragement to all parents and professionals who attend the Empowered to Connect conference in Birmingham, AL, on February 14-15. We pray that families would not only feel encouraged and equipped when they leave, but that they would begin to see an impact and change at home.

+Father to the fatherless, we pray that you would work in the hearts of all who attend the “Wait No More” event in Nashville, TN on February 22. Use this tool to lead the 250 waiting children of Tennessee into the arms of their forever family.

+Lord over all, bless the efforts of all who are serving the world’s waiting children through our advocacy events. Guide and encourage these faithful servants to use the gifts you have given them to restore HOPE to orphans in distress.

+Anoint those involved in orphan care. We pray for your hand to be at work in the hearts of all who have applied for Show Hope’s 2014 trips. We pray for safety in travel and unity in spirit for all the 2014 trip teams.

Download and print this month’s prayer focus page! >>>

February Prayer Focus: Joyelle

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