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Care Centers Spotlight: Jackson

Jackson at Maria's Big House of Hope

Jackson at Maria's Big House of HopeJackson is a happy and easygoing little boy at Maria’s Big House of Hope. He arrived at MBHOH early in 2010 and is now 4 years old! Over the past few years, he has been able to receive physical therapy to help increase mobility for cerebral palsy, and we have been so blessed to watch him grow and blossom into the sweet boy he is today!

Jackson at Maria's Big House of HopeIt doesn’t take long to figure out that one of Jackson’s favorite things to do is snuggle! He loves to be held and cheerfully accepts any kisses you want to plant on his sweet cheeks. Jackson also enjoys movement and loves to be twirled around. He is a delight to hang out with and has an irresistible grin that lights up his whole face. Spending time with him is one of my favorite things to do!

Jackson now attends preschool with Hope and has done a great job transitioning to his new surroundings. He is one of our bravest students. Recently, we used some paint to make a footprint craft. Not everyone was willing to have cold, wet paint brushed on his or her feet, but Jackson seemed to love every moment of it and gave us his famous smile while we painted his foot. Some of his favorite things in class are having books read to him, singing, and coloring. He does a great job holding the markers and with a little help, he can engage in all the projects the other students enjoy!

Jackson at Maria's Big House of HopeThanks to the generosity of our sponsors and donors, Jackson is able to receive care that would have otherwise been unavailable to him. Please join us in praying that this special little boy would continue to grow and thrive under the love and life-giving care provided by his nannies and nurses at MBHOH. Please pray also that Jackson will soon have the opportunity to know the love, permanency, and HOPE of a forever family of his own.

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