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A Trip to Maria’s Big House of Hope: “I could see Jesus reflected in their eyes!”

At 13 years old, Nicola was able to SEE God’s heart for orphans while on a trip to China with Show Hope. Read below as she details her life-changing experience with the precious babies at Maria’s Big House of Hope.

A Trip to Maria's Big House of Hope

As I walked into Maria’s Big House of Hope and looked down at the smiling faces of all the precious children, I could see Jesus reflected in their beautiful eyes. In that moment, my heart began to overflow with love and compassion. As I interacted with the kids and watched them giggle and play, a new type of joy entered into my life. As a baby gripped my finger and stared into my eyes, I realized that God is in control; He is the Father to the fatherless! Still, I became deeply saddened by the realization that the world is not as it should be. In addition to praying for these sweet little ones, God expects us to go out into the world and care for orphans in distress. As Mother Teresa once said, “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” Memories of those children are forever etched onto my heart and I will never be the same.

Nicola at Maria's Big House of HopeIf you were to ask me what my greatest need is right now, it would be for those children’s most basic needs to be met. As simple as it sounds, the promise of a safe future with a forever family would be a life-changing blessing for these kids. Even though they currently receive love and life-giving care from the nannies and staff at Maria’s Big House of Hope, their future is still uncertain.

As expected, this trip was not just fun and games. There were so many challenging moments, like leaving the big blue house (MBHOH) and saying goodbye to our team. In addition, it was so hard to see the children struggle through every day motions that we so often take for granted. However, I am so encouraged that they persevere through the struggle and refuse to give up. As I battle with these difficult questions, I pray that God will guide me and show me how to care for his most vulnerable children. – Nicola, age 13

Would YOU like to experience God’s heart for orphans through a short-term trip? Click here for details on the 2014 Show Hope trips to China and Haiti.

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