3 Elements of Adoption to Consider in 2014

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3 Elements of Adoption to Consider in 2014

Adoption has a long and deep history in the majority of cultures around the world. Although some aspects remain at the core of the foundational nature of adoption, others emerge as policies and social trends that shift with the growing needs of the world’s waiting children. As you consider your own part in the miracle of adoption, be mindful of the following three elements:

1. Cost: Adoption is generally quite expensive, often necessitating that families exhaust all available resources to underwrite the cost. If your family is currently in the adoption process, know that you’re not alone in the struggle to afford the fees. If you are not called to adopt, consider ways that you can help ease the financial burden or offer additional support to adoptive families. Consider assisting with paperwork or helping proofread grant applications. Show Hope’s adoption aid grants strive to reduce the financial barrier between waiting children and their forever families, so consider providing tangible help through a monthly Show Hope sponsorship. For just $35/month, you can help a child experience the love and permanency of a forever family!

2. Special Needs: Another trend to consider is the current rise in placements that are happening through special needs adoption programs. More and more families have begun to understand the vast and varying needs of the world’s waiting children. As a result, a greater number of children with physical or cognitive limitations are entering the love and nurture of a forever family through adoption. Often, children who have more pressing medical or special needs will require extra support and care by their parents. Find areas in a family’s life that you can offer help based on your own gifts and talents. Consider taking a meal, doing errands, or helping with laundry!  Please also continue to pray for the sweet children who are under care in our Special Care Centers, that they will soon know the love and provision of a forever family.

3. Support: We are in a time in history where many more families are adopting children with special needs. Thankfully, as the number of these families grows, so does the support available to these families. Through our Empowered to Connect conferences, Show Hope strives to equip pre and post-adoptive families with the necessary tools to help bring healing to their children as they connect and grow together.

At Show Hope, we are passionate about answering God’s call to care for the world’s waiting children. Over the past 10 years, we have been able to see more than 4,000 children come home to the love of a family through the miracle of adoption! Learn how YOU can be a part of this life-changing movement by clicking here!


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