The Ferguson Family: Finding Hope in the Hurdles

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Ariana and her dad

The testimony below is from the Fergusons, a Show Hope grant family. Continue reading as they describe their beautiful journey to bring their daughter home – and how they found hope in the hurdles.

Adoption was pressed upon our hearts long before our journey began.  God had earlier lit a match that started a tiny fire of passion for adoption. That spark was soon fanned into a massive flame that we could no longer ignore or push aside.  Scripture is clear; we are commanded to care for orphans. The “reasons” we had been turning to as the rationale behind why we couldn’t adopt didn’t make sense for us anymore. In light of the heartbreaking and overwhelming need, we knew we had to do something. We had to move.  So we stepped out in faith, knowing we could not do it alone.  We needed God to meet every need and to go before us in the journey.  And so we officially started our home study after being prompted into action by the photo listing of a beautiful little girl on a waiting child list.

Ariana and her momWe have never been a part of anything that is closer to the heart of God or ever walked a journey that taught us more about His love and faithfulness.  We did not have the money, yet every time we had a financial deadline, God provided. We know, without a doubt, that we could not have done this alone.  We have learned the value of saying “yes” to God’s leading with a willingness to trust His hand to provide.

We will never forget the moment we received our pre-approval from China, or when we were officially matched with our daughter.  I can still see her in my memory, hopping out of the van with her nannies. I can still feel the flood of emotion upon seeing her precious face for the first time in person.  All of the struggle, all of the days of waiting, days that seemed to drag on and on, were worth every moment, every effort and a thousand more.  It felt as though I held my breath from the moment I took her in my arms until I stepped into our home and sighed a long sigh of relief. It was final, she was home, and we were a new forever family.

Ariana with her big brother and sister!There is no doubt that God created this princess to be a part of our family.  Ariana was born in a country where policies force parents to make heartbreaking choices.  She was priceless and perfect, but she could not hear.  Before she came home, she had never spoken a word, was never able to tell someone when she was sad or hurt or scared.  She couldn’t hear her caretakers’ instruction, yet she managed to skillfully learn the ropes of what to do. Within hours of being placed with us, she spoke her first word (in sign) and has thrived ever since.  She moved from survival mode into living and laughing and understanding the world around her. Last year, she received two cochlear implants and her life has been forever changed. The world is now open to her… and we are forever grateful.

Ariana is with her forever family, made possible by the generous hearts of so many.  Our Show Hope grant came at a time when we were facing one of many insurmountable hurdles.  It met a need that we knew only God could meet.  We are so thankful and blessed by the love and kindness of each and every one of the Show Hope sponsors and donors.  Your gift changed our life; it brought our daughter home. There is a new bright light dancing throughout our lives because you said “yes”. You are forever a part of Ariana’s legacy.

Ariana, the bumblebeeHelp make a difference in the lives of waiting children around the world!

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