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3 Ways to Care for Orphans This Christmas

3 Ways to Care for Orphans This Christmas

Christmas is not only a time that is filled with much celebration and activity, but also a time we most deeply feel the significance of family in our lives. This year, consider ways that YOU can give hope to orphans and adoptive families. Here are three ways you can be the spark of hope for a child this Christmas:

1. Give HOPE through the “Gifts of Hope” Catalog: Users can browse our online catalog to learn about the most urgent needs in adoption aid, orphan care, and sponsorship. Gifts purchased can go toward fully or partially funding an adoption aid grant while other gifts can help provide everyday necessities to orphans who continue to wait for a forever family of their own. Click here to shop for gifts that transform the lives of orphans in very real and tangible ways.

2. Serve an Adoptive Family: For individuals looking for opportunities to support the needs of those outside their immediate family this year, consider finding ways to serve an adoptive family in your community! Offer to babysit for an evening or provide a meal. Get your children involved by inviting them to shop for toys or make cookies for the family! This is a great way to reinforce the true meaning of Christmas with your family. Also, take time to remember families in your community who are currently in the adoption process. Find couples who you can encourage this Christmas season as they await their little one!

3. Expand Your Worldview: Consider volunteering in ways that help children who are currently in foster care here in the U.S. or begin to make plans to take an international trip to serve in an orphanage. Both of these would offer a chance for you and your family to explore God’s heart for adoption and the role you could play in caring for orphans. Show Hope has several trips planned for 2014.

Although we believe that God’s call to care for widows and orphans is something that should be woven into our everyday lives, Christmas is a time when we are especially aware of the importance of family. We invite you to take time during the hustle and bustle of your holiday celebrations to remember those who continue to wait for the gift of a family. Orphans are in urgent need all over the world and you can do something to help! Find a family who you can encourage, plan a short-term trip to explore the needs of the world’s waiting children, or participate in the “Gifts of Hope” catalog – all are impactful ways to care for orphans this Christmas!

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