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The Ponto Family: “It Was Well Worth It”

Ponto Family: "It was well worth it"

Ponto FamilyMy husband, Alan, and I have always felt called to adopt internationally. After having two boys, we felt the time was right. We attended our first informational meeting and soon made the decision to adopt from Thailand. The next year and a half was spent taking parenting classes and completing our home study. After much waiting, we finally received the referral for our daughter, Sitarin, who was then 18 months old. It was an amazing and exciting day; we instantly fell in love with her! That excitement, however, was short-lived. Our social worker called us the next day in tears, explaining that there had been a mistake with my husband’s medical check and this mistake had caused Thailand to halt the adoption. As a great mercy, our agency was able to keep our referral in consideration while they investigated. After a LONG six months, we were informed that our paperwork had been accepted and we could bring our daughter home in six months! By far, the most challenging aspect of this process was not being able to control the time frame. It was so hard to be patient! The emotional roller coaster was difficult to manage, but well worth it.

Ponto FamilySix months later, we were on a plane to Thailand, preparing to bring our daughter home! The first time we saw her was every bit as special and miraculous as the birth of our two sons. She met her big brothers at the airport and loves to play with them. She makes us laugh all day long! We gave her the name Samantha, and kept Sitarin as her middle name. We feel so blessed to have her in our lives and we thank God every day for our three beautiful children!

The Show Hope grant that we received was such a blessing! It enabled us to focus on Samantha instead of worrying about finances. We are so grateful for all the Show Hope donors and sponsors. We are looking forward to becoming Show Hope sponsors ourselves. Thank you, Show Hope!

— Alan & Tracy Ponto

Ponto Family

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