Care Centers Spotlight: Meet Ysabelle

December 10, 2013 | Posted In Care Centers


Ysabelle was admitted to our Zhengzhou Special Care Center a little over a year ago when she was just nine months old. She was diagnosed with CHD and our medical staff quickly determined she would need heart surgery. In January, Ysabelle was sent to one of the best hospitals for what we had hoped to be a really amazing 1st birthday gift….heart surgery!!  Unfortunately, due to her specific type of heart condition, the surgeon determined that she would be unable to receive the procedure at that time.  Ysabelle returned to Zhengzhou without the surgery she needed but she continued to thrive and enjoy her days soaking in the love and care provided by her nannies and the medical staff.

YsabelleAs Ysabelle approaches her second birthday, there are many ways she is just like other two year olds. She loves to run and play with her friends! She is also an expert at watching those around her and copying their actions and repeating their words! One of her favorite people to copy has been her nurse Ednalyn! Ysabelle follows her around during daily rounds and tries to do all the things her nurse does! Ysabelle also recently started preschool. Although she was a bit shy at first, she has warmed up to the idea and now enjoys going.

The biggest difference between little Ysabelle and most other two year olds is that this sweet little girl needs a loving family. China has many options for very good corrective heart surgery, but unfortunately because of her specific condition, the corrective surgery that Ysabelle needs is not available.

We are so thankful for all the ways that Show Hope’s sponsors and donors have made the critical care of children like Ysabelle possible. As the direct impact of your giving in the lives of these children is clear, we would ask that you please join us in praying for Ysabelle and her future — that she would find the love of a forever family who can provide the medical intervention needed to restore her health. Please pray also that as she waits, she would continue to know she is loved and so very special.

If you haven’t already signed up for our prayer calendar, please consider this an invitation to do so. Committing to pray for this work and the children we serve is a great way to carry the needs of waiting children to the One who holds them all in His sure hands.


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