3 Ways to Celebrate National Adoption Month Year-Round

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Each year, National Adoption Month offers a time for us to take a fresh and sober look at the large-scale need of the world’s waiting children. We celebrate the heightened awareness this focus brings to the urgent needs of orphans. We know that children are orphaned in the US and in every corner of the world. We also know that the financial costs of adoption can be staggering.

Through this year’s National Adoption Month efforts, we saw people across the country join the movement to care for orphans in many different ways. Here are the top three ways people got involved that can easily be celebrated year-round…not just in November:

1. Community Involvement: The old adage, “it takes a village,” is especially true in the adoption community. This year, many people decided to engage their churches and community members in order to financially support specific families in the adoption process. You can get involved today by supporting an adoptive family in your own community, either by bringing them dinner or simply helping around the house. You can also get involved by assisting a foster family during the busy holiday season!

2. Financial Help: There are so many generous supporters of adoption, but the need remains great. Many advocates spent the month of November collecting money for orphan care. One idea for raising funds might include throwing a dinner party and asking guests to contribute to adoption aid rather than bringing a dish! Another idea is to give a “Gift of Hope” that will provide food, shelter, and medical care to orphans in distress. You can give a gift in honor of a loved one and even choose what part of the world you feel called to impact!

3. Ongoing Prayer: Simple but sustaining, so many of you committed to prayer during the month of November! Praying for orphans is not confined to one month, but rather a daily opportunity for advocacy. Contact friends and family who are also interested in praying for the world’s waiting children and set up a prayer group! Sign up for Show Hope’s prayer updates and pray for these children by name. Pray for families of origin to remain intact whenever possible. Pray for adoptive parents as they navigate what can often be a difficult process. Pray for children who will come into their families through adoption, that their hearts will be protected and preserved during circumstances that can be challenging to attachment and health. Pray for our own hearts to be captured by what is dear to God’s heart.

Did you celebrate National Adoption Month this year? Leave us a comment and tell us how you got involved!


Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth Chapman, founded Show Hope 10 years ago. For more than a decade, we’ve seen the beauty and joy of so many adoption stories. We encourage you to take time this Christmas to officially celebrate the miracle of adoption by giving a “Gift of Hope.”

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