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Fill-a-Truck for Orphan Sunday

Read below as Laura Polk, advocacy events, discusses her family’s plan to fill a 28-foot-long truck for Orphan Sunday!

ARC Truck

With Orphan Sunday quickly approaching on November 3rd, my family and I have been talking about how to get our church family more involved this year. In the past, we set up informational tables and passed out sponsorship brochures for Show Hope. This year, we wondered if God might have something more…

Polk FamilyAs our family is in the middle of the adoption process, we have felt God guiding our hearts in new and fresh ways toward the movement to care for orphans. As a result, we have had an exhilarating journey, filled with much joy as we’ve chosen to follow Jesus. One day, while out on a jog, God impressed an idea upon me. He gave me the idea to repeat one of the fundraisers we had recently completed for our adoption, but this time for Show Hope! Last spring, we held a fundraiser in conjunction with ARC thrift store. We had ARC bring a 28-foot-long trailer and park it in front of our house for a week. If we filled it halfway, ARC would donate $500 towards our adoption. If we filled it completely, ARC would give $1,000. We accepted the challenge and combed through our house. Our kids were as excited as we were, happily packing boxes with toys and clothes. Each day, they hurried through their homework so they could help load the truck!

In the end, with help from family and friends, we were blessed to fill the truck! We received $1,000 from ARC in addition to a very nice “thank you” for helping THEM with our donation. It was easy, it was fun, and EVERYONE had something they are ready to get rid of! It was a simple way to allow others to get involved in our effort to adopt.

In November, we will be parking the truck in front of our church and asking our church family to bring any donations they can. We will have the truck for two weekends and are already praying for God to multiply our efforts in a big way. We are so excited to see what He will do and we may just make this event an Orphan Sunday tradition!

– Laura Polk, advocacy events

ARC Donation Truck

Mark your calendars! Orphan Sunday is November 3rd this year. Join the movement, advocacy events, and raise your voice for the fatherless.

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