The Damkoehler Family: God’s Hand Was in All of It

October 23, 2013 | Posted In Adoption Aid

Damkoehler Family

Sela is a precious little girl from a small mountain town in Colombia. She was abandoned at four days old and was brought to the hospital a few months later. She was diagnosed with HIV and several other complications, including pneumonia and malnutrition. She was fighting for her life.

Sela & DadMeanwhile, a half a world away, we started the adoption process for the second time. Through a chain of events that only God could have orchestrated, we learned of this little girl in Colombia named Sela. Soon after, we also learned that she was HIV positive. God granted us peace; we knew that this was our daughter. Several weeks later, we received Sela’s referral photo and began the process of adopting her. Although we still did not know the extent of her illnesses, we firmly believed that God’s hand was in all of it.

SistersOne day, as our family was spending time together in prayer and worship, our eight-year-old son, Kole, suddenly said,“Guys, I think God just told me something!” He was so excited, “God told me that Sela is going to be fine and that she is not sick anymore.” The very next day, we received a call from our agency. They had just received Sela’s test results and the outcome was startling. Bacterial meningitis? Gone. Anemia? Gone. Pneumonia and malnutrition?  All better. And HIV??? NEGATIVE! Kole went nuts, and so did we! He had heard from Jesus.

Sela & MomLater, we learned that Sela’s illnesses had allowed the adoption agency to override the parental age limit (which we exceeded) for such a young child and expedite the adoption process from five years to just 10 months!  God is so good.  Having Sela in our family has been a privilege and a joy!  We could go on and on about her, but instead, we will close with this: We serve a mighty God.

Thank you so much to Show Hope and all the Show Hope sponsors for allowing God to use you!  You made our adoption possible and, for that, we are eternally grateful.

-Jason & Nancy Damkoehler

Mom & Daughters

Jason and Nancy run, a Christian-based orphan advocacy and parent-equipping website. Through this website, they enable adoption agencies and other adoption professionals to connect their services with the adoptive and pre-adoptive parents who need them. Click here to learn more.

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