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John 14:18

November is National Adoption Awareness month. As we celebrate this month of awareness and advocacy, it is important to remember the children right in our backyard who need a loving home – the children in the U.S. foster care system. We can make a difference in these kids’ lives not only through foster parenting, but also through impactful mentorship. Continue reading below as our friend, Chey Gethers, a graduate of the foster care system, shares what she learned and the important lesson she hopes more people will understand: Christ-like mentors are a vital part of a child’s life.

As Christians, we are called to reach out to the “least of these” – to care for orphans in their distress. In our society, we find the “least of these” in foster care, oftentimes being raised by a system instead of a loving family. Many of these children take risks in all the wrong places, just to find the love that a family should be giving them. A system cannot replace the sense of belonging that a child deserves; it cannot hug them when they are sad or help them with their homework. The foster care system is designed to meet the child’s basic needs, but much more is needed.

This is where God’s people come in. We, as Christians, must step in and show the children in foster care that God loves them; He will never abandon them. Even if everyone else leaves, God is always constant. As a graduate of the foster care system, I can tell you that it wasn’t the system that helped me succeed; it was the people who were willing to show me God’s love through their actions. Because I have seen His redeeming power and grace through the kindness of others, I have grown into a successful adult. I am strong and confident in the knowledge that God’s people are there; they have become my mother, my sister, and any other family member that I could have ever wanted. Helping these children succeed requires not only great foster parents, but also Christ-like mentors, willing to become brothers and sisters on the journey. 

– Chey Gethers

Orphan Sunday, November 3rd

There are children in need of a family overseas as well as right here in the United States. Let them hear our voice. Let them SEE our hope. Celebrate National Adoption Month by restoring the hope of a family to waiting children. Become a Show Hope sponsor today!

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