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The Bell Family: “A Beautiful, Miraculous Mess”

The Bell Family

On a recent Sunday, I saw a miracle as my husband, three children, and I played ball as a family and then headed inside for a dance party in our living room.  Now, that may not sound like much, but the joy exuded during that time was nothing short of miraculous.  More than that, our dance party would not have been complete without Bailey and Henry, who came home to us through the help of Show Hope sponsors.
Bailey Bell

Before we were even married, Micah and I knew we were called to adopt. After he returned home from a missions trip to India and Nepal, we knew the time to move forward had come. All practical signs indicated that we were just crazy — we were living off of one teacher’s salary, our biological daughter was fifteen months old, and we had only been married for two years. Nonetheless, we were confident in what God was calling us to do and decided to be recklessly obedient to his voice. After research and prayer, we felt led to adopt from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Henry BellHowever, even with trimming our budget, there was absolutely no way we could outright pay for an adoption. We desperately needed God’s provision—and provide he did!  We were able to cover more of the adoption cost than we had initially anticipated, and the grant we received from Show Hope helped meet the remaining cost to bring our children home!

Ten months into the process, we received a referral for our children. Eight months later, we met them for the first time. The honeymoon phase lasted about four hours before the reality set in that we were a family of five with three children under the age of three…

Sisterly LoveThen, moments like Sunday happen, and it puts everything into perspective.  In spite of all the struggles that come along with the challenge of parenting three small children, we know we are thankful for our choice. Our life today is a beautiful and miraculous mess—and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Show Hope, thank you so much for your support!  You and your generous sponsors made it possible to bring our children home, making a forever impact in their lives—and ours!

-Micah & Carter Bell

The Bell's

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