Lessons from a Life-Changing Trip to China

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Ryker at Maria's Big House of HopeA group of ambitious young students recently returned from a trip to Maria’s Big House of Hope in China in awe of the new perspective and knowledge the trip had given to them. Each student gained a tremendous amount of insight in regard to the world orphan crisis and grew in ways they never thought possible. Here are some of the key take-aways these students brought home with them:

“During my time at MBHOH, God has broken down my pride and everything I thought I knew about orphans. There have been tough questions to face as I have fallen in love with the children here—children who often have serious medical concerns. These are questions to which I may not know the answer for a long time, but I must trust God for that. I have had to face the truth that I am just like these children, greatly in need of God’s redeeming power in my life. Before this trip, I thought I would be the one teaching the kids. I didn’t realize how much these kids were going to teach me, simply through the way they live.” – Emily Hepler

Maria's Big House of Hope in China“Growing up in America we have been taught that we need to be independent, powerful, strong, and always afloat – to be anything less is a disgrace. This past week at Maria’s Big House of Hope has taught me the exact opposite. I am in fact dependent on God. I am powerless because He is powerful, weak because He is strong, drowning as He keeps me afloat.” – Nate Phillips

“Maria’s Big House of Hope is a lot of things to a lot of different people. To the children, it is a safe haven where they can experience God’s unending love. To the staff, it is a way of life and a true blessing. To visitors, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Prior to coming to MBHOH, I hadn’t really thought about the fact that God might use this place for more than just a care center. After visiting, it became so clear to me that He has ordained MBHOH for His work. He is showing everyone who walks through the doors the absolute beauty of His redeeming grace.” – Kyle Pelton

Group of MBHOH Visitors

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