Something to Give: A Garage Sale for Hope

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Garage Sale for HopeRegina Hayes, one of our incredible advocates, organized a garage sale last spring to raise funds and awareness for Show Hope. Looking back, Regina expressed her initial thoughts on the sale, “I had nothing to give…or so I thought.” God graciously proved her wrong as He turned that “nothing” into something big. Read Regina’s full testimony below:

Last October, God and I had a pretty serious conversation – an argument really. He told me that I needed to do more for others. My first thought was “How?” We already live paycheck to paycheck and I felt that I had nothing to give. In God’s tenderness, He opened my eyes to His provision. He reminded me of the gifts He had already given me; I am a great organizer, I am thrifty, and most importantly: I have amazing people in my life.

Jar of ChangeSo, here’s what I did. I started saving my change. I brought the jar to our family’s big Thanksgiving dinner, placing it right on the table with a tag labeled “Show Hope.” Throughout the evening, the jar began to fill up. By the time I got home, the jar had close to $400 in it! I felt truly blessed by the generosity of my family but God didn’t stop there.

After the holiday season, I decided that I would organize a garage sale. I started going through my things and quickly assumed that I did not have enough to set up a sale! Once again, He began to open my eyes to what I had already been given. I looked around and realized that I was surrounded by stuff – stuff that I usually grumble about having to dust or clean all the time. So, I began to go through my house, taking extra decorations off shelves, frames off the walls, and throw pillows off the beds. My collection for the garage sale began to grow.

Garage Sale for HopeAs the day of the garage sale grew closer, my family started donating their own items to include in the sale. The spirit of generosity seemed to be contagious! When the big day arrived, we waited anxiously to see what God had planned. We set up the Show Hope DVD and handed out pamphlets to everyone who came. People were thrilled to be able to support this amazing cause. It was a huge success; I am still blown away by the incredible generosity of everyone involved.

My little jar of change turned into $2,000 for Show Hope, so that they may provide love and life-giving care to orphans around the world. As it turns out, I had something to give after all. God took my “nothing” and turned it into something big. – Regina Hayes, Show Hope Advocate

If you want to use your own gifts to restore hope to waiting children, please consider becoming a Show Hope advocate. Click here to learn more.

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