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Care Centers Spotlight: Meet Weston


Weston was first brought into our care in July 2012 when he was three years old. He was placed in the rambunctious first floor “Tinkerbell” room and quickly began to break out of his shell.

Weston loves to smile and even more, he loves to sit in any available lap in the room! He’s quite the cuddler and won’t shy away from the opportunity to climb into the arms of anyone visiting his room. He is quick to make friends and even quicker at making people fall in love with him!

During my time at Maria’s Big House of Hope this summer, Weston and I loved to play “feiji” (meaning “airplane”) at bedtime. I would lie on my back and lift him up in the air making airplane sounds while he would laugh and giggle, trying to imitate the same sounds. When our play would end in a “crash landing” on the couch or on my chest, Weston would continue to laugh and soon whisper “one more time!”

Weston enjoys going to preschool where he has learned his ABC’s and is starting to learn his colors and shapes. He loves snack-time and doing crafts, but his favorite time is free play!

Weston’s bubbly personality constantly brings smiles and laughs to the staff at MBHOH. He is a caring and loving little guy who is full of joy. Thanks to the generosity and partnership of Show Hope’s sponsors and donors, Weston has truly transformed in his short time in our care and we look forward with hope to a bright future for him. Thank you for helping make this possible for Weston and for so many other children impacted by this work.

– Dan Martin, MBHOH Intern

Weston and Dan

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