Maria’s Big House of Hope: A Very Special Place

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Show Hope’s flagship Special Care Center, Maria’s Big House of Hope (MBHOH), is a very special place! When I try to describe MBHOH to someone who has never visited, I find it difficult to effectively describe the countless ways in which it has touched my heart.

It’s special in one way because of the people who work there day in and day out – from the medical team of the 24/7 doctor and nurses, to the nannies and those who oversee the facility, to the cleaning and kitchen staff, to those who organize the day-to-day activities for visiting groups – it is truly amazing to witness the tireless dedication of so many different people.

MBHOH is special because of the beautiful children who live there. Some children are new; some have lived there a while. Many of these children will receive critically needed medical care and will live a full and fruitful life. Others who have very serious conditions will have a loving place to spend their time here on earth in a family-based atmosphere. Yet, every child has a story. Their own story. God calls each and every one of them His son or daughter.

During one of our group devotional times, we read the story of the sick woman, found in Luke 8:40-48. The woman touched Jesus’ cloak and was healed due to her faith in Christ Jesus, wanting Him to make her well. Jesus then called her, a woman shunned by her own people for twelve years, HIS daughter! Even though we don’t find out any more about this woman in the chapter, we can surely imagine her heart soared when Jesus called her His own, her heart set with peace in knowing that she is now HIS.

For those who have been to MBHOH, we know this is a sacred place, full of beautiful children who are in need of desperate care. I find peace and HOPE in knowing that each and every child and staff member at MBHOH is in God’s hands, here on earth and in eternity. I rejoice because we are all HIS sons and daughters!

– Stacie Vining

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