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See the Latest: “Inside Show Hope”

In the latest episode of “Inside Show Hope,” Steven Curtis Chapman interviews Chris Wheeler, Director of Student Initiatives, about 10 years of showing hope to orphans!  Watch as Chris gives you an inside look into Show Hope’s heart for students and the next generation, including some important tips on protecting yourself against office Nerf gun attacks!

As seen at the end of the interview, Chris looks directly at the camera and expresses his sincere gratitude toward the generous, life-giving sponsors of Show Hope. With the blessing of an Adoption Aid grant, Show Hope sponsors played a huge part in his own family’s journey to bring their daughter home. God gives each of us, as His children, the opportunity to be a part of His plan to care for the fatherless. Click here to become a Show Hope sponsor and join us as we restore hope to a child today.

Is the “Glorious Unfolding” tour coming to a city near you? If so, make sure you stop by the Show Hope booth and find out how YOU can join the movement to care for orphans by becoming a sponsor.

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