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#Give2Adoption- Be a Part of a Child’s Story (The Need Series- #3)

Earlier this month, I began reflecting on all that the Lord has done over the years at Show Hope. I serve as the Director of Programs, and I just recently celebrated my 8th year here. It was a particular joy for me to be at the 10 year celebration seeing our donors and grant families connecting and rejoicing together. I felt as if I was watching a preview of heavenly meetings, where one day we will see the full picture of all that God has orchestrated for each child’s adoption. These beautiful stories of restoration reveal God’s glory through the Body of Christ.

I marvel that the Lord would allow me to serve in this capacity. In the grants department we often say it feels as if we have a “front row seat” to all that God is doing in the lives of His people. We consider it an honor to talk with the families, and it is quite special when we are able to hear the full story of their adoption journey, and WendyMariashow God has guided and provided for  them through each stage of the process. Over and over again, we hear a familiar theme from our grant families: “We know we were called to adopt, but we really had no idea how we were going to afford it, but then God…” But, then God—what powerful words and what diverse and intricate testimonies follow those words.

It is our hope that through the testimony updates, blogs and newsletters, each sponsor and donor has the joy of knowing that their faithful giving is a piece of the story that God is writing for each child. Although it’s not possible to share each story, I am grateful He gives us glimpses here and now of how He is working on behalf of children in need of loving families, and that each donor is inspired and encouraged by them.

We have so many families like the Vinyards who apply for a grant, and even though we would love to help every single qualified family financially, we are unable to do so. It is so hard to turn away families because we don’t have enough funds.  The opportunity is simply this, to join the Lord in His work. It’s an invitation to be a part of a child’s story, a child’s homecoming into a forever family. As we celebrate Adoption Aid month, will you join us by making a donation to help restore the hope of a family to an orphan in distress?

August is Adoption Aid Month and we are highlighting the
Vinyard family’s story.

“Unwavering Purpose in the Face of Cancer.”
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>>>Vinyard Series #2

“The Need” Series:
>>>#Give2Adoption- Orphans Need Families
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