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Care Centers Spotlight: Meet Julia


When Julia was admitted to Maria’s Big House of Hope nearly two years ago, she was weak and very malnourished.  Today, thanks to the generous and faithful support of Show Hope sponsors, Julia has bloomed into a sweet, dainty, little 3-year-old girl who is healthy, stable, and thriving.

IMG_7168The first time I visited Julia’s room at MBHOH, she was very shy and hesitant around me. She has this cute way of ducking her little head and averting her eyes, and then slowly looking back at you to make eye contact and quickly ducking away again as her mouth spreads into a little smile. However, it only took a few minutes for her to warm up and start playing with me. Julia likes to be held and will sit in your lap and look up into your eyes when you play with her. She loves little stuffed animals and will mimic me as I hold the stuffed animal and then kiss it. Julia also loves to mimic people when they talk to her and has a soft, high-pitched little voice that you can barely hear sometimes. She will stick her little tongue out of the corner of her mouth in the most mischievous way when she knows she shouldn’t be doing something. She is very bright and helpful to her Ayis, happily helping them with little tasks.

In the evening, Julia transforms into this high energy little girl and will run around her room yelling, and then stop to throw her head back to laugh, and IMG_5719then run around and yell some more. Sometimes, when I pretend to chase her around the room, she will run and then suddenly stop to cover her face with her hands and squeal. She has this dainty little way of running and walking so that she barely makes a sound as she practically tiptoes across the room. There is a little boy in her room that is about the same age, and the two of them play and fight together like siblings. One moment they are hugging each other and the next they are fighting over a toy. But they love each other very much.

Julia is loved by all her Ayis and anyone who walks into her room falls in love with this precious little girl.IMG_7646 She quickly captures your heart with her sweet smile, and I love picking her up and kissing her all over her little face. Just as I pray this for all the children under our care, I pray that Julia will be blessed with the promise of a forever family soon; a family to love her and kiss her and to watch and care for her as she grows into the person that God has created her to be, the person that is already coming out in her little personality now. Thank you to all the ways that each of you as Show Hope sponsors are making that hope a reality for these waiting children. Your partnership makes a real and tangible difference in the lives of these precious children each day.


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