Faith Like a Child

July 11, 2013 | Posted In Advocates

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On most days, my world involves lots of numbers, spreadsheets, and details to attend to, but I’m thankful for the days when something comes across my desk that makes me grateful for the many hands and feet involved in what we’re doing here at Show Hope.  Recently, we received a donation in the mail and with it came a short story and picture about what inspired this gift.  As I read, I learned abouta young girl from Texas who believed she could make a difference–and she did!

Image     The letter read, “I was watching a movie with my little sister one day when I saw a clip for Show Hope.  It made me think about all the children without parents, and I wanted to do something about it.  So, I brought the idea to my school and showed my student council the video.  I was nine years old and a fourth grade representative for Marek elementary student council.  Our whole student council thought the idea was worthwhile.  I feel really great to be able to help these children in need and to help people adopt kids into a loving family.”

Wow.  A nine year old caught the vision and heart of Show Hope–the heart of God. She heard the need and decided she would do something about it.  She and her classmates raised $3,800!

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We know that Jesus loves little children.  How awesome that He would lead the heart of a child to show his love to another child in need of a family!  This truly is God at work.

Often, we feel a nudge to do something but wonder how we can really make a difference with the talents and resources God had has given us.  With faith like a child, we can!  Show Hope has over 180 Advocates who have joined in this movement to care for orphans.  Will you consider becoming a Show Hope Advocate?  Could your school, community, office, or friends come together, not just to raise money but change the life of a child forever?  Click here for inspiration on how you can bring hope and healing to a child today!

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