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Energy and Spirit to Play

Quincy, Hayward, and Mikey playing w. iPad (2)    One of the things that I love most about our Show Hope Special Care Centers is how much they feel like “home.”  Having lived at Maria’s Big House of Hope for nearly two years now, I have had the opportunity to experience this firsthand.  I love hearing the constant sounds of children in the hallway, walking into our kitchen and finding one of the kids watching TV with our nurses, or having some of the kids help me with laundry—the sorts of activities that take place in many of your own homes.

    This feeling of “home” is especially true in our other three Special Care Centers, located in Zhengzhou, Jiaozuo, and Xinyang.  Because these centers are smaller and concentrated on a single floor, visitors and staff really get an opportunity to engage most or all of the children on a regular basis, and the closeness between these sweet children is beautiful to witness.

    My (now) husband Mikey and I have the opportunity to visit our Care Centers on a monthly basis, and we love getting to know the children living at each one.  Two of the children with whom we have a particularly fun—and always very active—time reside in our Zhengzhou unit: Quincy and Hayward.  It is rare that you’ll see one without the other, and they are seldom without energy and a spirit to play.  During our visits, we typically find the pair spending time with their nurses, Sharon and Ednalyn.  They often help them with daily rounds and even share a meal in their kitchen from time to time.

Quincy 6.2013Quincy (left), who is now nearly three, was admitted to our Zhengzhou unit at just five days old and was immediately transferred to Maria’s Big House of Hope for further medical treatment.  He called MBHOH his home until this past February, when he returned to Zhengzhou.  Quincy is by far one of the happiest children I’ve ever met.  He always seems to be wearing a huge, dimpled smile on his face.

Hayward (right), who will turn five next month, was admitted to the Zhengzhou unit this past January, right before Quincy’s return.  Hayward is a very active and vivacious little guy, and although his condition should limit his energy level, it rarely does.

Hayward watching tv (2)    Our time with these energetic boys always leaves us entirely more exhausted than we came, but the fun we get to share with this pair is priceless.  Mikey will often get them hyped up, jumping on the couch cushions, having pretend sword fights, building forts, and giving them rides on his back. One of my favorite memories is when Mikey and the boys set up couch cushions in the hallway and launched themselves onto them as if they were a slip-n-slide; the nurses finally had to give a warning for them to rest. When rest time is necessary, the boys enjoy playing a game on the iPad with a booger-shooting pig (boogers are universally funny).

These are just two of the precious children who we are privileged to know and love at the special care centers, and if it were not for the generosity of Show Hope sponsors, what we are doing would not be possible.  These incredible boys would not be in a place that feels like home, surrounded by people who truly love them.  We would not be able to play games on makeshift slip-n-slides or get to hear their infectious laughter.  Your generous support is what makes this possible for these precious children, and for that, we are so incredibly thankful!

Hayward, Mikey, and Quincy limbo - Version 2

Quincy eating w. nurses (2)Hayward ready to battle (3)

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