TOP TEN Ministry Highlights: 7. Launching Our Student Initiatives

May 21, 2013 | Posted In 10 Year Anniversary

This is the seventh entry in our “TOP TEN Highlights From 10 Years of Ministry” series. Click here to read previous entries>>>

7. Launching Our Student Initiatives

Red Bus Project - Lee University
Ever since the Chapmans’ daughter Emily began pestering her parents to adopt while she was just a young girl, the Chapmans have known that young people, and especially students, are the untapped resource that can make the biggest dent in the orphan crisis. It was therefore extremely exciting to launch our Student Initiatives  in 2010, and to see high school Movement Clubs and the college Red Bus Project come into fruition. Thousands of students have taken concrete steps to care for orphans as a result!

Learn more about Show Hope’s Student Initiatives >>>

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