TOP TEN Ministry Highlights: 6. Sending Our First Short-Term Trip

May 20, 2013 | Posted In 10 Year Anniversary

This is the sixth entry in our “TOP TEN Highlights From 10 Years of Ministry” series. Click here to read previous entries>>>

6. Sending Our First Short-Term Trip

Dr. Erica McElroy checks the heart of this soon to be operated on baby.Today we send more than one hundred brave individuals onto the mission field every year to understand and live out their calling to care for orphans. The first trip we sent was a collection of student from across the U.S. It provided a major breakthrough for us, and it paved the way for us to begin sending our medical trips. These teams perform life-saving surgeries and restore hope to those who need it most. Sponsors, students, doctors, and nurses are all firsthand experiencing miracles as they live out James 1:27.

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