TOP TEN Ministry Highlights: 5. Launching the Sponsorship Program

May 19, 2013 | Posted In 10 Year Anniversary

This is the fifth entry in our “TOP TEN Highlights From 10 Years of Ministry” series. Click here to read previous entries>>>

5. Launching the Sponsorship Program as Show Hope

One of the amazing things we’ve seen God do is take this little organization originally called Shaohannah’s Hope and turn it into a national leader for orphan care and adoption. In 2009 we re-branded as Show Hope to boldly call people to reach those who most need hope: orphans. We also invited people to become Show Hope sponsors, which is the best first step to getting involved in the movement to care for orphans and experiencing the miracle of adoption. Our 5,000+ sponsors form the foundation of this movement, and we can’t wait to double that impact by reaching 10,000 sponsors and beyond!

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