TOP TEN Ministry Highlights: 3. Seeing Our Flagship Special Care Center for the First Time

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This is the third entry in our “TOP TEN Highlights From 10 Years of Ministry” series. Click here to read previous entries>>>

3. Seeing Our Flagship Special Care Center for the First TIme

Maria's Big House of Hope

I was absolutely awestruck in 2008 when we first pulled up to the construction site of Maria’s Big House of Hope, Show Hope’s flagship Special Care Center in China. It was humbling to stand there next to six stories and sixty thousand square feet dedicated to providing life-giving care and love to the least of these. The legacy of precious Maria Chapman certainly lives on and has grown through the three other care centers we have established in Jiaozuo, Zhengzhou, and Xinyang. More than 1,000 orphans with special needs have received care, and more than 100 of them are already in loving forever families!

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SEE Maria’s Big House of Hope with your own eyes! Contact David Trask about joining his September trip.

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