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Spring 2013 Limited Edition Designs

James 1:27 Show Hope pocket tee
Vintage Arrows Join the Movement Show Hope shirtI’m excited to announce two brand new limited editions designs for spring 2013! As part of our Limited Edition merchandise line, these shirts carry messages that highlight the heart of Show Hope’s mission to care for orphans and join the lonely with families. I encourage you to check them out and consider purchasing one to wear or to give to a friend! You are giving more than your money to our cause when you purchase a shirt from our online store. By wearing or gifting a Show Hope shirt, you directly help our cause by spreading awareness about the plight of orphans worldwide. Maybe someone at the grocery store will ask you why James 1:27 is on the pocket of your t-shirt. Wear these shirts around town and see how many people ask you what it means to “join the movement” to care for orphans.

Buy a shirt. Tell a friend about Show Hope. Keep spreading hope for the fatherless!

Visit the Show Hope store to learn more about these new designs and other products you can “purchase for a purpose.”

Purchase the Vintage Arrows Join the Movement tee>>>

Purchase the 1:27 Pocket Tee>>>

Which design is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section!

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