Preschool, Personality, and Perseverance

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Judah 2/2013If you have been following the Show Hope blog, chances are good that you recognize Judah. He was made “famous” by a post a few years ago called “MBHOH has Bieber Fever” which is one of the most-viewed posts in Show Hope blog history (if you haven’t already seen it, check it out here). Besides being a great singer, Judah is an incredibly bright little boy with a truly unforgettable personality. There are few who come through the doors of Maria’s Big House of Hope without leaving with some endearing story or memory of Judah.

Judah loves coming to preschool and becomes quite sad on days when we don’t have class. As you can see in the video at the top of this post, he has learned nearly all of the letters (and thinks “Hui Li,” who you may remember as Jessica, is the Queen. She left quite a regal impression on the MBHOH class before she joined her family!). Judah also enjoys identifying letters he knows in environmental print (books, words on clothing, letters on billboards, etc).

As his preschool teacher, I continue to be blown away by the way that Judah has learned to overcome and compensate for many physical limitations without losing an ounce of life in the process. He is not afraid of trying new activities and loves engaging new people with his charming personality. In fact, just a few months back, we took some of the older preschoolers to McDonald’s for lunch. As we sat and ate, Judah greeted every woman that walked by our table with “Ni Hao, Ayi!” (“Hello Auntie”). It caught most of them off-guard until they saw Judah’s beaming smile looking back at them.

Recently, I met another little boy, James, whose perseverance reminded me so much of Judah. We hope that our blog readers will grow to love James just as much as Judah!! Like Judah, James’ physical limitations do not stop him from enjoying life and trying new things. He has learned to stand up on his own and walk, despite difficulty in bending his knees. James (pictured below) thrives in pre-school and loves to learn and do crafts in class. James was originally admitted to our Show Hope Special Care Center in Jiaozuo, but was moved to the Beijing’s Hope Healing Home for more acute care. He is a sweet little guy and captures the heart of anyone who goes into his nursery. We hope that both of these remarkable boys will one day know the love of a forever family!

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