Video Sponsorship Update: Meet Sabrina

February 27, 2013 | Posted In Care Centers | Share

We hope you enjoy meeting Sabrina through this month’s Sponsorship Update Video! Sabrina is one of several children under care at a Show Hope Special Care Centers who has been diagnosed with biliary atresia, a condition which affects the liver. Each month, you are making a life-changing impact for hundred of children like Sabrina through your Show Hope sponsorship.

To extend the impact of your sponsorship, we invite you to do three things:
1) Share this video on your social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. We encourage you to include a sentence or two on what you love most about being a sponsor.
2) Sign up for our monthly prayer updates.
3) Invited a friend to join you at Show Hope’s 10 year Anniversary Celebration this Memorial Day!

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