Don’t Just Be Busy – Take Action

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Chris Wheeler at SoulStock 2012
This past weekend I had the privilege of speaking on behalf of Show Hope at SoulStock, a Christian music festival in Decatur, AL. This year Steven Curtis Chapman along with CALEB and Geoff Moore performed on Friday night and totally rocked as always! We took the Red Bus as well. It was so exciting to see families of all ages shopping and engaging with the Red Bus Project. In addition, we gained several new Show Hope sponsors!

Show Hope at SoulStock 2012I spoke both Friday and Saturday evening with the mission of inspiring more folks to take action on behalf of the orphan. In my Friday night message I focused on the Gospel and how we as Christians are adopted by God. I reminded them that adoption is at the center of God’s heart because He himself is an adoptive father. On Saturday night, I talked about the things that hinder us from doing the things we know we’re to do. James 4:17 says, “If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.” So often we know what we’re to do – we just don’t do it. One of the major reasons for this is our hectic schedules.

It’s ironic that our activity can keep us from taking action. We bounce from activity to activity from category to category. It’s as if we wear our busyness as a badge of honor. When someone asks us how we are we inevitably respond with, “Busy.” We act as if the bigger our “busy badge” is, the more important we are. Or, the bigger our “busy badge,” the more life we’re living. And conversely, if you’re not busy then you’re lazy and there’s nothing worse than being called lazy. It’s possible that our busyness is the greatest threat to our soul. Our constant activity may just be the very thing that keeps us from doing what matters.

I pleaded with the folks at SoulStock and I suppose I’m now pleading with you the reader. Don’t just talk about the importance of orphan care – do something. Don’t just be busy – take action.

Show Hope provides many opportunities for you to take action on behalf of the orphan. Consider organizing your own Show Hope Advocate project, or joining the movement to care for orphans by becoming a Show Hope sponsor today!

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