Remembering Maria Today

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Stevey Joy, Shaohannah, and Maria Chapman

Four years ago today Maria Sue Chapman went to be with Jesus. While we continue to grieve this loss, we also have great hope as we see God’s hand working redemption from this loss. I am reminded of Caleb Chapman’s analogy that walking through this tragedy is much like trying to understand a great impressionist’s painting; clarity often comes only from a distance. The empty bed in the Chapman home has been remade into countless beds at Maria’s Big House of Hope. Children who were once unknown not only find healing, but also the hope of a forever family through adoption. This is part of the beauty that the true Artist has crafted out of these ashes.

Adoption is God’s handiwork and we can rejoice that we have been adopted eternally (John 14:18) while we seek to give greater hope, love, and care to the world’s most vulnerable children who have yet to experience adoption in the physical sense. Maria’s legacy lives on and is evident through stories like Isaac’s. Today we not only remember sweet Maria Sue but we rejoice in where she is and where we will be thanks to the redeeming handiwork of the One who holds all creation in His sure hands. Thank you for your continued support of the Chapman family and Show Hope.

Lulu, Rafiya, Brielle

Lulu, Rafiya, and Brielle at MBHOH

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