Red Bus Project…A Dream Come True

March 11, 2012 | Posted In Red Bus Project

On the Move for OrphansAs cheesy as the title of this blog might sound . . . it is the truth. I can remember being at college in Texas (Baylor University…Sic ‘Em Bears) and phoning back home and talking my Mom’s ear off about how we had to somehow reach the college campus to care for orphans. When I came on staff with Show Hope in January 2008, I probably wore everyone out at Show Hope talking about a college tour or some sort of event that would have an impact and produce long-lasting change among college aged students to care for orphans . . . and perhaps even adopt someday! So, a conversation began back in 2007/2008 and it is becoming reality in just a few days time! I am sad I will miss the debut of Show Hope’s college project, but I am so thrilled for all the hard work the team has put into making The Red Bus Project pretty much the most amazing thing EVER!

So, those of you who know my brother Caleb know that he is a goof and has really crazy, out there ideas sometimes (the Chapman family is full of crazy, big dreamers…I think we get it from our Mom). For instance, the other day I heard that when the tornadoes were about to hit TN, he was outside trying to mount his GoPro camera in a tree to catch footage of the storm. Not smart bro, not smart. Caleb and Chris Wheeler, the director of Student Initiatives at Show Hope were dreaming and scheming one day about this college tour idea . . . and they were trying to think of something that would draw attention of the college crowd . . . music, coffee, what would it be? And somewhere in Caleb’s mind he thought, what if we got a double-decker bus like the ones you see in the movies shot in London and refurbish it on the inside to be a rolling thrift store from which all the profits go to help care for orphans and raise awareness of the more than 140 million motherless and fatherless children in our world? I mean, Caleb . . . a double decker bus . . . from England? Go big or go home, right? Well, there may or may not be a Red Bus in Franklin, TN that is about to hit to road and come visit a city near you! To make a long story short and to keep you on the edge of your seat wondering exactly what the Red Bus Project is . . . all I am going to say is if the Red Bus is coming ANYWHERE near you this spring on the college tour get there to see this incredibly crazy, out there idea that has come to life all for the purpose of raising awareness of the orphan crisis and engaging college kids to act now to care for these children. Plus, the band Caleb will be playing a live concert and lets be honest, their music is epic. I am so proud of the student initiative team at Show Hope (Caleb, Chris Wheeler, Jesse Blinn, Sarah Fess).

Can you tell I am excited???

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on Emily’s personal blog.

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