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The Love of Friendship

HopeA few weeks ago our preschool class welcomed a new student, Hope. It was so neat to see that the excitement I felt was also reflected in Hope’s classmates. At first, they were a bit hesitant, but there was something about her that immediately made them feel at ease with her: Hope’s smile. Although she is unable to speak, her smile speaks for her.

This remarkably beautiful smile was first endeared to Show Hope sponsors and donors through an article in the Summer 2011 Show Hope Today newsletter and prayer update. Hope’s classmates are now falling in love with her sweet expressions as well. As they sit in preschool, choruses of “Hope happy!” are often heard as the other children watch for her next big grin. On an almost daily basis, one of the kids comments,  ” I really like her smile.”

Hope's first day preschool 1.18.12I love watching the children’s interactions with their new friend and am often humbled by the way they love and care for each other so well. On several occasions I have looked over to find Jessica holding Hope’s hand, or Jaelynn sweetly playing with her hair.

I am so grateful that children like Hope are given a chance at a future through the work being done here at Maria’s Big House of Hope. Since Hope came to MBHOH in December of 2010 (at the time malnourished and diagnosed with cerebral palsy), she has received the love and care needed to become the happy little girl she is today. I am also grateful that Hope has  the chance to experience what a “first day” of school is like, and that she is learning the love of friendship.

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