The Need For a Family

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As I continue to replay in my mind the memories made with family and friends over the holidays, I can’t help but be reminded of the children who spent this same season continuing to wait for families of their own. Every child who enters the care of Show Hope’s Special Care Centers like Maria’s Big House of Hope comes as a result of a great need. For many of these children, their need comes in the form of tender and loving hospice care as they await their ultimate healing and entrance into a heavenly family that cannot be taken from them. For other children, the needs they enter with are able to be addressed through medical intervention in the form of surgeries, therapy, good nutrition and the loving care necessary to find the healing they so desperately need.  Children like Oliver, Susie, Victoria, Asher, and now Dylan, have all been able to join their forever families in the last few weeks!  Yet, another group of children still remains – those who have found great healing in the care of MBHOH but whose conditions make it much more challenging for them to enter the love of a forever family because of the needs they will continue to carry with them throughout their lives.

In a desire to advocate for these harder to place children, we are asking that you join us in praying that forever families would be raised up for these beautiful children. Children like Isaac who has a deep and abiding joyfulness about life but has been paralyzed from his waist down as a result of Spina Bifida. Carissa, with her beautiful smile and love for affection, was admitted in great need of care and diagnosed with a form of arthritis that had twisted her little body. Children like Judah, who despite having a condition that has affected his joints, has not been deterred in his enthusiasm for life or the encouragement he showers on others. And sweet Jessica, who has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and yet moves through life with all grace and sweetness of a beautifully written poem.

As you visit Show Hope’s website and read about all the work that is being accomplished on behalf of thousands of orphans worldwide, don’t forget that these statistics represent real children. These children, the ones we now know by name, continue to wait for the permanency and love of a family. Visit our “Pray For” page to find out more about these and other waiting children.

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