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Anglen Family

What Is the 20/20 Campaign?

In 2016, we introduced you to the 20/20 Campaign. Our goal then: To raise $100,000 to fund 20 Adoption Aid grants, helping 20 children come home to 20 families—all in one month.

And for four years now, we’ve exceeded that goal—helping even more children come to know the love and permanency of a family through adoption.

With 2020 being our fifth year, our new goal is to raise $400,000 in Adoption Aid grants, helping more than 65 children and families, all in the month of April.

Together, we can help change lives.

Meet the Wetzl Family

With the help of a Show Hope grant, Marcela and Ryan Wetzl are adopting from Colombia.

“God has continued to shape and mold us and show us that our lives should reflect him as image-bearers. We are learning to become less dependent on our comfort and rely more on the one who comforts us. We stand firm in the promise that he goes before us and works all things for his glory.”

Campaign Progress


Your Prayers & Generosity Will Impact Families Like These.

Allison & Michael Barker

Nothing goes perfectly to plan, especially [when] adopting a child from another country. God has built our faith and the faith of our kids as we encourage them to patiently wait for their sister.


Kayla & Joshua Blundell

God is teaching us to rely on and trust him—not only that he will take care of our journey but that he is also taking care of our daughter right now. We don’t know her yet, but she is in God’s hands.


Maria & Miguel Cruz

Before we got married, there was already a desire in us toward adoption. Through this process, God has been teaching us more of his love. His word tells us that we ourselves were adopted by him when we were not even worthy of his love.


Jara & James D’Souza

God is teaching us to trust him, to not be anxious, to be patient with others, and to communicate clearly. As there are many uncertainties with adoption, it is tempting to seek comfort in knowing the details of exactly when the next task will be completed. However, our hope in Christ is much more sure than the details of our adoption process.


Amanda & Matthew Hilderbran

We know God’s timing is perfect, and we rest in that, especially when things take forever to process. We know God will provide financially, and we rested in knowing that as well. He loves his children and desires to give them good things, especially when being obedient, and we've seen the fruit of our labor and his undeserved blessings over and over throughout this journey.


Kim & Jared James

We struggled with infertility and through that heartache, the Lord never left us. God knows our hearts, desires, and longings. He wants us to experience his best for our lives. He had a different plan for us.


Amy & Bryan Lawrence

We feel we are completely different people since applying to adopt. The biggest thing God is teaching us is that he is in control, and we are in his hands. We pray his will be done and not our own because he has faithfully shown us his will is best.


Jane & Aaron Littmann

When our faith in God exceeds our fear, then fear loses its grip on us. He calls us to step forward in faith, trusting that he is leading us, and his plan is good. We know that while we are not in control of this process at all, God is, and he is worthy to be trusted.


Brittany & Darren Mann

God was so faithful to provide all the finances we needed for our first adoption, teaching us to trust him in a new way. This adoption, we have had less time to save money, so we are dependent on him even more for the finances to adopt. This has called us to take an even greater step of faith financially, but we continue to trust in God's faithfulness for our family. We know he will provide!


Liz & Ulrich Mannchen

We believe adoption is not only a choice but a calling—one for which God has been molding us, breaking us, and preparing us for many, many years.


Lana & Andrew McNair

We have always felt the Lord calling us to adopt. We often say that it has been a part of our family plan from the beginning of our marriage. Through this process, we believe that God is teaching us, in a unique way, that his plans are not our plans necessarily and that his timing is perfect, even when it doesn't make sense.


Stephanie & Nathan Nessle

We are so thankful for the opportunity to grow our family through adoption and humbled to follow God's call in obedience.


Sarah & Ryan Potter

God doesn't promise that this will be easy; he promises to give us enough of himself to finish the race. Knowing that God is with us and that all things come to us from his fatherly hand gives us the grace we need to take the next step. He sees us, he loves us, and he will bring us (and our child) safely through.


Danielle & Joshua Shelley

We feel called to walk by faith and open the door to adopt again, trusting that the Lord puts families together and believing that, if this is truly his will, he will lead us to the exact child he has already prepared for our family.


Christina & Timothy Smith

God is continuing to teach us about his great love for us. He is teaching us the power of sharing your story to others. He is showing us that he is a God who redeems lives. He is also teaching us to be patient and enjoy the season. His timing is perfect, and he can be trusted.


Ashleigh & Payton Thomas

Our first conversation was about adoption and our hearts’ desire to grow our family that way. We know that in the end, the long, endless nights of paperwork will be well worth it. We have also learned that though we face financial hardships, the Lord provides, and we know that if this is his will, we will surely adopt.


Madison & Braden Tyler

God’s shown us how generous the body of Christ is. He has equipped the church to meet the needs of the vulnerable, and he moves in people’s hearts in a huge way to help all believers find a role in orphan care—whether through financial means, prayer, advocacy, or adoption. We’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of others!


Lauren & Daniel Wang

God has been teaching us to lay down our desire for control and comfort. We’ve been confronted with the reality of the world's brokenness, and it has pushed us to rely on our God who is forever faithful and sovereign even over the brokenness. He has taught us to be more open to what this adoption journey might have for us, even when it's not what we expected.


Marcela & Ryan Wetzl

God has continued to shape and mold us and show us that our lives should reflect him as image-bearers. We are learning to become less dependent on our comfort and rely more on the one who comforts us. We stand firm in the promise that he goes before us and works all things for his glory. We are also trusting in his provision to fund the adoption and make things possible for us to bring our child home.


Rachel & Ross Anglen

We were drawn to adoption [from China] and special needs through Steven Curtis Chapman and his family's journey. Through our adoption journey thus far, God has proven his faithfulness over and over.