“Hey, join the movement to care for orphans, Jack.” -Si Robertson (theoretically).

So they are now in the fourth season of their hit show Duck Dynasty, and the Robertsons are definitely one of America’s favorite families. The popularity of the show and their family business has brought a spotlight on Duck Commander CEO Willie and his wife Korie. They have five children: John Luke, Will, Rebecca, Sadie and Bella, and two of their children were adopted.

It has been great to see Willie use his family’s success and popularity to share the miracle of adoption. “We knew what we were doing was a Godly decision and we were firmly committed to it,” explains Willie. “Now I go out everywhere and I talk about that message. I think people are scared about how this will affect their lives. There’s so much fear, but I learned a long time ago that fear can dominate your life in the decisions you make.”

In this interview for Show Hope, Willie shares his heart for adoption.

What is it like running Duck Commander and being on a reality TV show?
It’s lots of fun working with family. The reality show has been a lot of work but very rewarding, and we are proud of the show.

What aspect of your career are you most proud of?
Taking Duck Commander from a small little family biz into a huge company that’s sold all over the world.

What are some of the most important lessons have you learned from your family?
Sticking together in good and bad. Work hard, but realize it isn’t life or death – it’s just business.

How has the experience of being on the show impacted your family and children?
We’re more recognized in public. And, we’re actually spending more time together because of filming so much.

What initially led you to decide to build your family through adoption?
We always wanted to adopt, and when the opportunity opened up, we did it to help change a child’s life.

Why are you interested in adoption and caring for orphans?
One of the principles of religion is just that – it’s an act of unselfishness and the best thing I feel I’ve ever done.

How has adoption affected your friends and family?
So fun watching them impact lil Will’s life. Also, it has directly affected people adopting, which is cool.

Do you have any parenting advice for other adoptive families?
It’s a work in progress. I don’t know if I do/did it all right, but to this point, Will’s a good and Godly kid.

After all your crazy adventures, what are you most looking forward to in the next season?
Who knows. There are many opportunities coming our way, and we’ll let the Lord lead us where He wants.

Join Willie Robertson and many others who are helping to restore the hope of a family to orphans in distress. You can donate through Show Hope to Adoption Aid and help provide a waiting child with a loving family!

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Recently, the interns from the Red Bus Project (Show Hope’s college initiative), took a tour of the Duck Commander headquarters in West Monroe, Louisiana! They all got to take pictures putting their feet up on Willie’s desk and saw the work room where Si makes duck calls! Check out the photos below:

Red Bus Project Visits Duck Commander Headquarters!

Red Bus Project Visits Duck Commander Headquarters!